The clothing optional beach party

All that happened in July. My wife and I practiced threesome – everything was OK, we met regularly, but then we suddenly realized that our sex became monotonous and we decided to give it up.

Although when having sex in a couple, my wife and I recalled how nice it would be to invite a third person now, but after sex we forgot about it.

That July turned out to be hot, and the vacation was still in three weeks. My wife and I decided to go to the clothing optional beach.

My wife’s name was Mary. She is small-figured, but very appetizing with beautiful boobs, a nice round ass and slender legs which result in a beautiful shaved pussy.

On Saturday morning, as always, I fucked Mary, she moaned and said that she would also give me a blowjob. She sexually licked my finger and caressed the nipple on my chest with her tongue.

After I had finished we had breakfast, washed ourselves and were going to get to the beach. We left the car in the parking lot and went to the clothing optional beach. It took us about 30 minutes to get there, and all that time while walking we were surrounded by the beautiful nature of the pine forest.

The first sign of our reaching the beach was the appearance of a naked man – he stood at the beach and rubbed up his cock a little. Going further, we saw more beach-goers; they were all naked, many of them were lively talking to each-other. My wife and I went into the lake and settled down near the water, there were two more pairs next to us.

Mary undressed first and remained in a swimsuit, but gradually she took off her bra and then her panties and became naked. I saw she liked that the amout of the naked people on the clothing optional beach was little by little increasing, especially single males. My wife gladly examined their cocks while commenting on her admiration for some.

A man asked me to sit next to us. The stranger’s name was Alex, he looked great, he was the same age as me. Alex had an athletic figure, but the most interesting thing was below the waist – his shaved dick was thick with a large head and big balls.

Alex turned out to be a sociable person and an interesting conversationalist, he could hold a conversation on any topic, and he gained my wife’s trust very quickly. They were enjoyed by talking, and Alex became on the same blanket with Mary.

Periodically we went for a swim because Alex’s dick constantly got hard and became even bigger and more beautiful. I saw my wife getting excited because she had a blush on her cheeks.

We took our backgammon and decided to play for kisses. Mary, losing and winning, received kisses from both me and Alex – she liked it because she had nipples on her boobs swollen besides red cheeks.

By eleven o’clock the sun became very strong, and we decided to move into the shade. Alex said that he knew a secluded, quiet and shady place, so we packed our things and moved to another place. It was really secluded by bushes from the lakeside, and people who were walking along the road did not see us. There were willows hanging from both sides of the shore.

Having settled down, Mary and Alex went swimming and I kept an eye out for our things. After swimming they went out, and Alex suggested to give a massage. My wife, as if embarrassed, did not reply, looked at me. I said “why not”, Mary turned on her stomach, and Alex lying on his side started petting her back and casually caressing my wife’s ass.

The clothing optional beach party

I went for a swim. Turning my head to the shore I saw Alex sitting on Mary’s back for convenience of petting her, while Alex’s dick got hard – it was a real giant!

Then I saw Mary spreading her legs, and Alex made a move forward with his pelvis. I decided not to interfere. I realized that they had forgotten about me and swam closer quietly. I saw Alex’s cock was in my wife’s pussy. He was moving his ass slowly and since his pecker was very large, Mary’s vag widened.

It lasted for a few minutes. Then Alex said something to my wife – she looked at the lake and didn’t see me, turned on her back and got Alex’s big cock into her pussy with her hand, and he started moving. I heard them moaning, the pace of movements increased, Alex jerked his whole body and cummed into my wife. I pretended that nothing had happened, and Alex with Mary quickly ran into the water.

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