Sex with a stranger in a hotel: her husband’s surprise!

The water was a little calm. Having swum in both sides of the swimming pool, as usual in the evening, she stood up on the bottom and threw her head to remove the hair.

There were goose bumps on her skin, her nipples hardened like those by the marble statues standing at the fountains, porticos and blooming trees around the garden.

Jess went upstairs on the jade ladder and blessedly pushed backwards on the sun-warmed freaky mosaic. The heat was quickly transferred from her foot to the body, and the light air of bathing was replaced by the feeling of freshness. The park was rather thick, but there was clearly heard the noise of the ocean through the leaves of the trees. It even seemed sometimes that the warm breese was carrying the drops of salty water. The servants wiped her out with soft towels and dressed her up with a silk tunic with a gold monogramm of the hotel.

They had been living with the husband for three months in Monaco, at the Royal Paradise Resort, waiting for the meeting with an investor, Prince of Monaco. The hotel was located slightly away from the city – in 3 km from it. However, it was not boring — three times for a while they drove to Paris by a rented car. In spite of anything, Paris pleasantly amazed her, especially the shops. For the resent years their business had been succeded, so she had no limits in anything, and her hotel wardrobe was already full of new clothes and different interesting things.

Sex with a stranger in a hotel: her husband's surprise!

For that time she had already accustomed to accept the highest service – of royal class, one can say. Massagists, servants, sommelier, her own hair dresser, driver. She found a girlfriend she spent time with till her husband was out for a long time for his business meetings. Sometimes he took her with, when it was possible. Sometimes she was on the beach or in the city with her new girlfriend come from Russia by a fiance visa 8 years ago. At first, she seemed to her a little strange person, but later she realized that her frightening degree of the sexual freedom was rather normal for the sea shore.

It was 8 p.m. already, and Jess went to the bar where she had to meet her girlfriend, as their husbands were participating at the royal regatta for the second day.

– Jess, you came so early – she got nearer to her, – I thought I would sit and wait for you, – Olga smiled and sat on a bar sofa. They talked about different things, the well-trained waiters poured the wine in their glasses. Being a little drunk, at 11 p.m. they decided to get to the hotel room in the air conditioner coolness, and drink and talk some more before Olga get home to the city.

They got upstairs. The room was huge, but rather cozy. The luxury of the hotel had been conformally fitting for everyday life of the hotel inhabitants. The waiter came almost after them carrying wine and fruit: – Where do you want it to be put?

We decided to put the tray on the bed. The girls got rid of the soft pillows and started to eat the grapes out of the tray while trying to find some interesting TV channels on a huge plasma TV-set hanging on the wall.

The conversation was smoothly transferred from one topic to another, and the wine started calling the girls to sleep. Olga almost wanted to leave, but a new topic about sex in Monaco livened up the speech:

– I’ll never believe it! – Jess minded, – You have a porno area here, not a sea shore!

No, they are truly doing it, this is normal, – Olga argued something with enthusiasm, – let me show it to you! She walked down to Jess’ feet and curled her fingers along the middle line from her chin to the very bottom. Jess, not expecting such her reaction, arched her back with pleasure.

– You see, it’s a reflex! They have a lot of such tricks more, – Olda became to caress the inner side of Jess’ hips, rising higher, lightly playing with the petals, but not penetrating inside.

Jess was pleased, but she was not ready for such careers — suddenly she felt a little constrait. She shifted her legs and bent knees.

Olga removed her hand and laughed merrily without noticing her girlfriend’s restrait.

Having chatted for another half hour, the girls emptied one more bottle of wine and Olga got to the city.

Jess took a shower and wanted to think about what had happened, but she heard the phone rang:

– My beloved, we’ll have our wedding anniversary tomorrow, and I have a surprise for my queen, do not get bored!

– Well, what is it? – she tried to find out the secret, but her husband did not give up.

Jess loved both surprises and her husband. Intrigued and in pleasant anticipation, she began to wait for the gift. In about 10 minutes a hotel servant rang the bell (it wasn’t common in the hotel to knock the door – there were small bells for it), and a big chockolate cake decorated with cherries, a huge bouquet of monaco orchids, a bottle of wine, some tea and a large pink box were carried into the room.

Sex with a stranger in a hotel: her husband's surprise!

She impatiently opened the box. There was a light pink silk peignoir trimmed with black lace, a transparent bottle with a liquid and jasmine petals floating in it, a sleep mask, a candle and a bell.

She thoughtfully bit the lip, – “The surprise with a secret. What a beautiful peignoir! ”She put it on and turned over at the mirror. Being satisfied with her look, she turned on the music. “O! The rain and music, as then — at home! ”. She looked at the box again and laughed joyfully. She lit up the candle, thoughtfully walked around the cake, took the cherry by a dessert spoon and washed it down with the wine. It was dry wine.

“An interesting combination,” she knocked off two more cherries and drank it with the wine. She took the bell with a little excitement, clamped it in her hand, checked if the room door was closed, sat on the bed and put on the mask. She suddenly felt a sweet heaviness at the bottom of her body, her lips were filled and became wet.

Jess lay down on the bed, put her hand between her legs and began to caress herself firstly through the peignoir, then after putting it up – through the panties, and then she took them off not paying attention to the bell slightly rang.

Her motions became increasingly violent, her breath took off, she was nearing the culmination, but she could not finish.

Suddenly, a strong hand clamped her mouth, and the other hand deeply loaded its fingers into her bossom. “It is me,” – she heard her husband’s wisper. “Do not move away.” She carefully went on caressing herself followed by his power hand setting a little slower pace than she used to. She lost the feeling of reality with the desire and noticed not at once that she was being caressed by four hands at the same time. But she didn’t care – she was at the mercy of her man, under his possession! She was having a good time, and all that she could feel was the gentle biting of her nipples, strong hands deeply penetrating into her bossom, touching her ass, hips, boobs, hands mating with her ones – they were everywhere!

She felt that a hot dickhead was tight against her lips, and she greedily took it. She almost finished with the tart familiar taste, and she began to suck it swallowing deeply, barely catching her breath.

Suddenly she felt that something monstrously large and hot was pushing hard through her buttocks. She did not even have time to relax, the shackle – and her breath died by surprise. She had never had such a big inside of her. It seemed to her that it would tear her tender body to pieces! She instinctively tried to move forward to get rid of this brutaly invasion, but the swollen dickhead in her mouth didn’t let her do it. She cautiously began to move, forward and back again along this trunk, feeling as it was moving inside of her.

Sex with a stranger in a hotel: her husband's surprise!

She forgot about her husband’s cock and began to move her ass along with the moving of the stranger. Her ass hurt, and she felt that she could finish with the touching her lips, although nobody caressed her there anymore. The stranger’s hands were on her hips setting the pace, while her husband caressed her boobs. She moaned, and as if replying to her moan, the stranger made some sharp movements and pulsed into her splooging right inside of her ass.

She finished together with him, but it was some special orgasm, deeply inside. The sexual arousal didn’t wane, she took her husband’s dick in her mouth and put her other hand down. While caressing herself, she felt that the stranger’s pecker was still inside of her. She tried not to breathe and thoughtfullystarted moving her ass back and forward till she was able to make herself free.

Almost half eyed, she heard the sound of water in the shower – they left alone with her husband. He turned her over to her stomach, bent her knees and touched her crotch with his dick. She felt him biting her neck, picking at her boobs and nipples with his powerful hands. Then she felt his pecker inside of her!

She exhaled, and her body started shuddering. She pulsated squeezing her husband’s juice with her every convulsion – it had filled all her womb. But he didn’t stop splooging till his cum went outside of her filling the room with the smell of sex, her husband, their sweat. But she already didn’t feel it exhausted fallen asleep.

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