How I found the girl of my dreams!

I knew that she would give me a ride today, but now the main thing was not to spoil everything …We lay in a separate room, with a bottle of wisky, while all the other people were having fun in the hall.

I don’t even remember how my tongue had been in her mouth, but it was not important — she eagerly kissed my lips tightly squeezing my hair at the back of my head, from time to time pulling me away from herself to take a breath and suck me back.

I do not know how long it lasted, maybe thirty minutes, but I got a boner in my pants. I could not endure it any longer and began to pull off my pants with shorts to get it.

My dick flew out of my pants like a crossbow arrow shot, and I took her hand and began to lead it to my pecker. She did not resist and grabbed it very hard, as if she was squeezing a snake which now and then tried to get out of her strong, but at the same time gentle hands.

The nails on her hands only added thrills, she rubbed my penis in her hands from time to time digging at it with her nails. She massaged, squeezed, jerk it off easily that greatly impressed me. But I still wanted more.

How I found the girl of my dreams!

I pulled away from her lips again and offered her a drink, she stopped holding my dick and stood up to sit on the bed. Unfortunately, we hadn’t managed to grab the snack from the common table, but there wasn’t much desire to go for them. She did not want to drink pure wisky, and I suggested that she “has a snack” with my cock sticking out of my pants. She thought a little and agreed. And one of her hands had the bottle while the other one had my cock. I held her head barely restraining myself to shove my pecker into her throat ahead of time.

She took a sip, swallowed and opened her mouth, at the same time I started putting my cock into it till my balls run into her chin. She began to cough, her mouth filled with saliva, the mascara started dripping on her face, and she put her hands on my legs.

I began to slowly fuck her mouth, she was slobbering all over the trunk of my cock turning it on my balls. My dick was too big for her throat, I could barely hold back to fill her throat with cum.

She was very geood at blowjobs! She did it just as eagerly as she kissed my lips, trying to shove my cock together with the balls completely into her mouth just to never stop holding it. I knew that it was probably a real flood in her panties now, and I should reward the girl for such a powerful blowjob and to stack it in as soon as possible.

I took her hair and put her off from my cock. She breathed as if she had run a hundred meters and got ahead, small threads of saliva still tied my cock with her mouth. I started taking off her shirt, after unbuttoning her bra I saw her boobs. They were slightly more than average, the nipples were small and swollen. I toppled her on the bed and rose her legs to remove her pants with her underpants.

How I found the girl of my dreams!

She lay completely naked, and her pussy was so wet as if a waterfall would soon flow from there. My chubby cock still with saliva flew into her pussy swimmingly. I fucked her as hard as I could, shoved my penis right up to my balls — she moaned and told me to go deeper.

She was just a sex goddess, her pussy was very hot, I was ready to finish in just a minute, as soon as I entered her. I didn’t want to pull my pecker out of such a heavenly place, and I started splooging right into it. My dick muscles began to tight up spilling a portion of fresh hot cum into her hole.

Even after I finished, my cock did not manage to get down, and then I without removing my dick out of her cunt turned over so that she would be on top. The splooge flew out of her vagina right on my slobbering balls, it was unforgettable. She jumped on me resting her hands on my chest, her hooters were shaking, and I was ready to merry her just to feel what I was feeling that moment!

I felt that the second portion of splooge was already on the way, but now I didn’t want to get everything into her — I threw her off my dick, got up and took her hair, pulled her to my cock and started abundantly having a wank from time to time, fucking her open mouth waiting for a sweet drink. My dick turned to stone, I began to moan and my cock spurted with jets of splooge irrigating her pretty face.

She smiled and began to lick my genitals freeing them from the cum. I took the dick in my hand and started putting the cum from her face with my dickhead into her mouth. She greedily licked all that was on it and swallowed.

I exhaled, pulled my pants back, took a sip of wisky from a bottle, looked at her still splooge-sticky face and realized that I probably had found the very girl of my dreams!

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