Hot office babe: an unexpected vacancy

Susy was a clever and beautiful girl. She successfully graduated from a university in Ottawa, the faculty of economics, six months ago. But she could not find a good job for some reason.

The money that she had was melting away like an ice cream in a mouth, but the job wasn’t being found. It was very inconvenient to ask the parents for money — they had already maintained the young student for five years while Susy was studying. There was absolutely no job for her in the capital, but she really did not want to get back to their provincial town. Therefore, Susy clutched at any straw.

Once, when Susy was already quite desperate to find at least some job, she saw an interesting ad. Being a little confused, Susy rushed to the phone and during a short conversation she was invited for an interview. Moreover, while talking to her, they gently hinted that job seekers should have good looks. Susy was really a good-looking girl – she had been the envy of girlfriends and the joy of guys.

She was a little worried that she didn’t have much working experience. But Susy always learned everything on the fly, so she hoped that she would learn all needed quickly.

Opening the wardrobe, she began to painfully think about what to wear. All sports wear would not fit. The business suit was too strict, so Susy decided to put on a modest, but frank and sexy dress.

hot office babes

The guard men who were standing at the entrance to the company did not want to let her go at first. But Susy had quite a silver tongue and charming dress, and the guards showed her the way to the principal, who smiled broadly and immediately put the job seeker on the silken couch.

A minute later they were brought some hot aromatic coffee. Susy and the principal began to sweetly talk about Susy’s business skills. Observant Susy immediately noticed that the principal was more admiring her long lovely legs than her resume. Having answered all the questions asked, Susy stared at the principal with her innocent eyes. He smiled and said:

– That’s all! You can come to work tomorrow. But first you should go through an interview and briefing with the head of the security department. If he will give his blessing – and he will – then you are welcome, the working day begins at nine in the morning.

Delighted Susy rushed to the security department for the interview with the head. He was a man who probably had celebrated his fortieth birthday, but did not lose his former youthfulness. His athletic figure hinted at it as well. Apparently, he went to a gym a few times a week.

He began to talk with Susy in a soft, insinuating voice, and she simply did not notice how she had been put into a hypnosis. The chief began to ask her vulgar questions not related to her official duties:

– How did you lose your virginity?
– What do you like in sex?
– What poses in sex do you prefer?

Susy was like a rabbit being hypnotized by the boa.

Apparently, tired of such biased examination, he ordered her to show her boobs. Susy had nothing to do but to unbutton her charming bra and put off her sexy dress. The boss approached Susy, grabbed her big hooters with his strong and grasping hands, squeezed them and inspected them intently.

Then he ordered her to put her panties off. Susy was standing naked in front of the athletic male who immediately began to touch up her hips. After spreading her lovely thin legs, he thrust a finger into her narrow pussy.

– Show me your charming ass! – ordered the head of the security department.

And then Susy had no choice but to turn her back, stand up in a doggy style and show her but.
Suddenly the principal and his secretary entered the office, and Susy was standing still spread her buttocks with her hands.

– Well, how is she? – asked the principal.

– Great! This is the girl we need! She has tried everything in sex and she likes everything. She is excited very quickly, submits to a strong man. – immediately reported the head of the security department.

The secretary immediately pulled out the contract which Susy signed at once. Next Susy was forced to take various sexual positions. All her nude poses were caught on camera and smartphone.

The next morning Susy woke up in bad shape, she felt some kind of strange taste in her mouth. She remembered to get ready for the new job. Reaching for her purse and opening it, Susy screamed involuntarily — there was her bra and panties. There was also a paper packet in the bag. She pulled off the bag and cried out in horror – there were the photos shown how she was doing blowjob happyly and enthusiastically. Susy moved her tongue in her mouth – that’s why she was feeling such a strange taste! The photos also showed how she was licking somebody’s vag helping herself with her hands.

The next photo captured how two healthy athletic men were fucking her: one of them was fucking her mouth, the other one was hammering her ass. And, at last, there was a photo where all her smiling face was completely splooged on.

She looked down and began to read the contract signed by her – it stated that she had became a whore for long five years. But before she could draw a sad sigh, she saw the amount of her salary exceeded all her wildest expectations. And she became it – she became a prostitute.

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