Great desire for sex

Late in the evening we came back from a guest party. It was fun in that noisy company, and we, excited and a little tired, reached the house and decided to get some rest.

I offered you to drink some champagne. You did not refuse. Having served the wine glasses, we had a little sip. I looked into your bottomless eyes and saw a desire in them – the desire for intimacy. They looked at me tenderly and affectionately. At times like this you become especially feminine and desirable.

You asked to unbutton the dress. Then you turned your back on me. I responded with pleasure and held the shiny zipper down, so that when the stretched material of the dress was got aside, the rounded shoulders and smooth skin of the back were exposed.

You waited for me to kiss you between the bare shoulder blades, and got up from the sofa. You turned your face to me and, freeing yourself from the sleeves and leaning forward slightly, let the dress get down of your legs.

I silently looked at you and just a little trembled when your hair was bowing down to my knees. Now you stood in front of me, pressing your hands to the boobs, and slightly bent your head to the side.

While standing, you were above my head and looked slightly from above. You stood and waited, as if to say that you had already completed your part and now it was my turn. I sat closer to the edge and stretched out my arms to your beautiful female body.

My fingers penetrated under the silk of your panties, caressing the hips gradually, and slowly pulled the slippery fabric down. You shuddered and crossed your legs, spreading your knees so that the silk was easier to move down. Now you stood in primeval nudity, and I admired you.

You saw admiration in my eyes, and this made you especially aware of your beauty. I cupped your legs with my palms just above your knees and, bending down, kissed below the navel. I stayed at this place with a kiss and inhaled the scent of the skin. I exhaled, warming with my breath a strip of curly hair that was walking in the middle of the pubis.

After that, I got up and grabbed my hands on you. You hugged my neck and kissed me gently.

While I was carrying you to the bedroom, you gave me a caressing long kiss. I carefully put you on the bed. I began to undress, standing in front of the window light, so that you could see only the silhouette of my strong lean body.

I undressed and, taking a long white scarf from the table, walked over to the bed. You stretched out your hand, pressed your palm to the inside of my thigh and held it up, feeling the hair on my legs.

Male suprimacy: great desire for sex

When your hand touched my cock, I grabbed your wrist and wrapped it in a soft linen scarf. You wanted to say something, but I put a finger to your lips and said: “Do not be afraid, my dear, trust me”. And I continued to tie your hands to the headboard. You were reclining on a pillow with arms outstretched, so your boobs arose and looked like two watchtowers.

I sat down at your knees, bent down and pulled the pillow under your body. The hips got up and became taller than your head. I put my hand under your shins and made you pull your knees up to the stomach. I laid down and leaned on my left elbow.

In front of my face were now raised your elastic buttocks. I saw how tanned skin on the ass turns into an uneven white stripe between the buttocks.

I masterfully took your buttocks with my palms and pushed them apart. I touched the beginning of the hollow with my tongue separating the halves, and led up. When I reached the pink hole, I looked at you. You laid with your head thrown back, eyes closed.

I stretched out my hand, put my palm on your left boob, began to squeeze and unclench my fingers, at the same time moving my palm until I felt that he nipple on your boob hardened. Then I took it with my fingers and squeezed it, slowly increasing the pressure.

You bit your lower lip, I stopped holding the nipple and, running my hand over your stomach, brought my hand to your ass again and parted your buttocks. I began to lick the rim of the hole, sometimes pushing my tongue, penetrating deep into. Moved a little higher … lingering for a while, my tongue approached the vagina.

Moving your legs apart, I began to help myself with my fingers. I inserted two of them into your cunt and slowly began to push them slightly moving in different directions. Then I moved closer and began to touch your clitoris with the tip of my tongue – it has already appeared from the fold of your flesh, like a small bud. All this time you were breathing rapidly, and your hooters wavered to the beat of breathing.

Here my risen dick was tight against the side of your body, and you wriggled with the whole body trying to rub against it. I pulled away, sat down again and let you drop your legs. Then I ran my hand along your tender excited body from the dimples under the throat to the pubic hair.

I moved your legs apart, leaned over your lips and began to kiss and bite them while continuing to caress you between your legs … Finally, I dug into your plump lips and at the same time inserted my fingers into your vagina and ass. You screamed, but the sound was closed by my kiss. The gentle kisses covered your lips without ceasing my hand to give you petting from below.

I moved away and got closer to the other end of the bed. I raised your legs again and forced to take the original position. I kneeled down and moved your legs closer. Having taken my cock, I rubbed its head on your labia – I felt like your vagina kissed my dick.

Male suprimacy: great desire for sex

You readily let me into with great desire and impatience. I entered confidently, gently pushing apart the narrow cave which hospitably moved apart in front of my power and pressure. You closed your eyes and moaned softly with such vivid pleasure. Your pelvis was raised high, and I at once entered gently and at the same time deeply to the maximum possible depth.

I stopped and looked at you. Opening your eyes, you gave me a gentle look. “Please, go on” – these beautiful eyes whispered to me glowing with happiness.

My cock began to leave your narrow cave slowly so that we could fully feel its gigantic power in this smooth tread … Its powerful trunk came out slowly and as if reluctantly. Here my dickhead was completely out of the warm moist shell, and its doors shut tight, finally kissing it gently. And again, the confident gait of my powerful cock enters. And sweet moans are heard again. And all this repeated more and more. And now, being fully accustomed, my pecker began to make rhythmic movements.

The smooth movements resembled the piston stroke of a powerful diesel engine that gradually and confidently gained momentum. Flywheel spinned up and accelerated. Your moans went on screaming with this power. The noise was in your ears. You tried to free yourself, to escape, to avoid the powerful press of this machine. But your wrists were firmly captured, and you continued to wiggle on this powerful piston knocking tirelessly.

Our bodies made loud frequent sounds with close bumps against each other. My hands caressing beautiful tits squeezed their hard nipples. Furious endless sex had come. We were shouting loudly in this fast passionate jump of no end.

But the outcome was coming. Unable to hold back my emotions anymore, I was ending this crazy jump with a powerful stream of thick splooge – it erupted inside of you filling up all the space and flowing down on our bodies …

Gradually, the bed sheet got wet under us. You whispered quietly: “Untie me, please”. I obeyed. Your hands caressed my neck and shoulders. Your lips kissed me, and I, weakly responding to these caresses, thought that once again I hadn’t dared to enter the anal. My dick remained inside of you. I felt as your vag kissed and hugged it gently, and it gave its last juice out.

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