An evening party with him alone

That evening I was left alone with him … We were going to relax at the country house with my old friend and his girlfriend (we knew each-other for a long time).

The day turned out to be wonderful — great weather, barbecue, beer and other joys of summer holidays.

We were the four of us: my husband and I, Fred with Emma. Everyone drank and had a rest, except for her husband — he, as a hospitable host, heated the bathhouse and grilled the meat.

And as soon as he sat down with a bottle of beer, suddenly we heard Emma’s screech. She had stepped on a rusty nail which got very deep into her heel. Without thinking twice, her husband started the car and drove her to the nearest emergency room which is an hour away.

The hottest woman at the coutry party!

We were left with Fred together pretty drunk and funny, and went to the bathhouse. I forgot my swimsuit at home, so I just wrapped myself with a sheet.

I don’t like to be at a heat room for a long time (it’s hard for me to endure heat unlike Fred), so in 5 minutes I jumped out and ran into the pool, threw off the sheet and dived, hoping that I would be in time before entering Fred.

But when I got out of the water and already reached my sheet, there was a crunch from behind and a loud sigh. Turning around, I froze in embarrassment, and he continued to gaze at me lustfully.

Either alcohol played my blood and gave me courage, or because of curiosity, I began to look at his body. It should be noted, he was always been attractive, but only now I was able to estimate all the lines of his trained body.

He was stately and sexy standing in front of me in a clearly excited position, his erection as a magnet attracted my view. His dick of impressive size seemed to tear the thin fabric of his swimming trunks.

I don’t know what came over me, but I took the first step forward — he replied two steps towards, and we were so close that my naked boobs met his muscular body, and his hot dick jibbed between my legs.

All my mind reeled, and I no longer remembered who kissed first, but now we stabbed to each other with a passionate kiss, and our hands greedily pet the bodies. Adrenaline and passion, hot passion all burned from the inside. I had never experienced such feelings.

The hottest woman at the coutry party!

A cramp of desire got the abdomen. He picked me up and dragged me into the house. The light was muffled, but it didn’t hurt me to admire how he stripped his desired body and put a condom on his dick. A fire I wasn’t familiar with was burning in his blue eyes.

He squeezed my boobs and leaned over with his whole body preventing me from moving. He was so strong, domineering and handsome at this moment that I could no longer resist and leaned forward.

He filled me in a single motion, and I felt him with every cell of my body. The rough movements of the frictions and the tender kisses made me moan with pleasure and passion that had never been seen before. I swayed in time to him and took each of his powerful impulse with admiration. His lips showered my neck, collarbone and boobs with kisses, and his hands held me like in steel chains.

Our breathing began to increase in time to our movements and a wave of pleasure slowly seized my helpless body, wriggling and in a sweet and ardent orgasm.

I felt like he was losing control over his movements, he hammered his dick into me.. and got into his feelings.

The last exhalation – and I went limp as a rag doll in his hands. He fell on me, and his hot lips whispered only “It was heavenly”. I silently agreed with him. I was so exhausted and devastated that just did not want to say anything.

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