A Stranger from Online Chat

The day before, we were just texting about it, but our conversation turned out to be really special and intimate. I was overtly excited and felt that you were thrilled, too. And then, I ended up jokingly inviting you to drop by. And after that, we had a good laugh, said good night and went to bed.

The following day, as your lunch hour approached, I caught myself waiting for my clock strikes 1 p.m. – time for your lunch break. I had previously calculated that it would take you 15 minutes to get to my place, so I was waiting impatiently for you to come at 1:15.

When the clock said 1:20, I couldn’t hide my disappointment, looking at my silent cellphone.

And suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was probably Olivia from next door who had already pissed me off with her constant requests to configure her Wi-Fi router.

Imagine my surprise when I saw you at the door. It was so unexpected that it even took my breath away. Yesterday’s excitement went to my head immediately.

You were standing, putting your right hand on your hip and keeping your left hand in the pocket of your red coat. You were wearing high-heeled boots, and your flowing hair fell on your fragile shoulders like waves.

It looked like you had chosen that posture on purpose before you rang the doorbell. I noticed that you were satisfied with the effect that you had had on me, because I was astounded.

Giving me a little smile, you pushed me back into my apartment, closed the door behind you, turned to me and slammed me into a wall. Your lips met mine, and we merged in a passionate kiss. When you opened my lips with your tongue, overexcitement caused by that action gave me goosebumps. And you felt it.

Having pushed me away, you looked into my eyes derisively and said, “Oh, so do you like it rough? Will you be my slave today?”

“No way, let’s dispense with subjugation. And as for rudeness, yes, I like it”, I mumbled with a raspy voice. I was thirsty and didn’t want to talk much.

You removed your mask right away and uttered, “My goodness, oh, look at this freedom-loving sucker. You’d better pull my boots off. They are very tight.”

And then you unbuttoned your coat. And what I saw under your coat made my blood rush to my lower abdomen once again – you were wearing only stockings, a belt, sexy thong and see-through weightless bra.

The thought of you walking down the street dressed like that turned me on no less than your current look. I was blatantly staring at you, and you reminded me impatiently, “My boots. Why are they still on me?”

I sat down on the floor and helped you to take your boots off, admiring your shapely legs. However, I wasn’t able to get off the floor after that, because you kicked me in the chest. When I lost my balance and fell, you got on top of me and squeezed my body with your legs and hissed, “Did you say that you are okay with rudeness, bitch boy? You will get it.”

You pulled my t-shirt over my head and began to fondle my shoulders, chest and stomach, slightly scratching at my skin with your fingernails and increasing the pressure. In a moment, I was beginning to think that you would rip my skin off, because highly visible red strips remained on my body.

You pinched my hand badly and asked, “Why are you silent, softy? Don’t you like it?”

“You’re just getting started, so I’m just getting into it”, I replied tentatively.

“Develop a taste for it right now, pussy”, you quipped.

Lying face down on me, you turned around in one motion, and your crotch, barely covered with the thin strip of your thong, appeared right in front of my face, and you started to pull off my pants along with underpants.

My cock had already got as hard as a stone, and it seemed like it would explode from the pressure.

Having undressed me, you made yourself comfortable and pinned my hands to my body with your legs. And then, you moved the strip of your thong that covered your delicate spot and literally stuck your clitoris in my mouth.

I found that strange, because when we had chatted online you said that you didn’t like this kind of caress. Perhaps, you needed that for your role.

A Stranger from Online Chat

At first, I gently ran my tongue through your vagina several times, and then wrapped my lips around your clitoris and started to suck on it and caress it with my tongue intensively.

Apparently, I found your sensitive spots, since your breath got fitful, you stuck you fingernails in me, and then leaned back and suddenly punched me in my chest.

“That’s all right, but you should do it faster and harder”, you said.

My nose almost went in your vagina. I could smell it, and at the same time see your nice round ass in front of my eyes. That’s why I was out of control and totally obsessed with instincts at that moment.

You pressed your crotch against my face. Occasionally, you stuck your labia or asshole under my mouth and at the same time fondled your clitoris with your fingers. It seemed like you was getting into it as well.

After some time, you probably realized that petting wasn’t enough for you. You got up from me, took my hand and dragged me to my bedroom. I was dizzy. As we approached the bed, your words sounded more like exhale than human speech. You said, “Fuck me hard and fast.”

“No, no, no, it was your decision to be a dominant female today, so I will just lie down and you go ahead”, I claimed.

You seemed a bit disappointed when you heard it, so your sexual arousal mixed with anger, and you yelled at me, “You are a lazy asshole. All right, you are in a big trouble. I’m coming for you, sucker. Lie down!” you commanded.

You hadn’t even touched my dick until then, so when you did it I was scared that I would cum in a couple of seconds. Moreover, at first, you were playful and dipped only the head of my penis into your hot vagina several times. And then you saddled it up fully and started to move your hips back and forth, so my penis moved forwards and backwards in your vagina, and your clitoris was rubbing against my pubis. You seized my shoulders so bad that I was afraid that your fingernails would crack.

A Stranger from Online Chat

You kept increasing the tempo by squeezing me with your legs. Moving, you looked me straight in the eye, but you could hardly see anything there. I enjoyed myself so much that I even forgot where I was.

“That’s how you like it, fricking lazybones, isn’t it?” you exhaled in sync with motions.

In response, I just bent over backwards and put one of your firm nipples in my mouth, biting it with my teeth and squeezing the other one with my fingers. My breath was periodically being interrupted by my moans of ecstasy.

Under the influence of my caress, you started to increase the amplitude of movements. At the end of each motion, the head of my penis encountered something firm in your vagina, and that gave us both great pleasure.

Our movements started to look like crazy horse riding. I fondled your breasts with one hand and stroked your buttocks with my other hand. And then, I began to caress the sphincter of your booty with my finger. I even penetrate it to a depth of one phalanx. And after that, you made a sudden move. I didn’t expect it, so my finger went into your ass fully.

You moaned and probably started to cum, since you pushed me away, and my head fell on a pillow. And then, you cuddled up right to me and sank your teeth into my shoulder and slowed down, but your moves remained sudden.

After that, you just bit me bad. If I hadn’t been experiencing pleasure at that moment, I probably wouldn’t have endured that pain. But I seemed to be able to endure everything in that state.

Moments later, the pain gradually subsided. You kissed me in my neck and lips, lay down on me in a relaxed state without removing my dick from your vagina and hugged me rather gently than passionately.

“Hey, are you sleeping? And what about me?” I asked.

“What about you? I’m a dominant, and only my desire matters. I will probably take care of you next time. And now I have to go. My lunch break will be over soon”, you claimed flatly.

Smiling, you got up from me and went to the bathroom.

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