A birthday incident

This happened to me 2 years ago. We had our coworker John’s birthday party. And I got to tell you, we celebrated it joyfully – we did some heavy drinking. After we finished celebrating at the office, being drunk, we went to John’s place to keep the party going. There were five of us.

As we walked, we made up our minds to walk into a store and grab some more alcohol. We went upstairs to John’s apartment and continued to have fun. We had drinks for quite some time. And in the end, John went out to walk Megan home.

Just the three of us remained in his bedroom (he lived with his parents). That was my coworkers Steven, Jessica a 21-year-old well-built guy, namely myself. I’m not handsome, but not bad looking.

Steven fell asleep on the floor, and Jessica and I crawled into bed with our clothes on. She was shy about being alone with me. Jessica was a 27-year-old chubby young woman with medium boobs and a big butt.

The lights were still on in John’s room at that moment. I got a sudden craving for a feminine touch. I started to molest the woman. First I stroked her thigh and then switched to her inner thigh. I began to move my hand higher slowly.

Steven didn’t notice a thing. He was sleeping on the floor, so he didn’t see or hear us. This started to really turn me on. I fondled Jessica’s tit.

After some time, I began to pull her pantyhose and underwear off. She was wearing a skirt, so she didn’t even feel that or just pretended that she hadn’t felt that.

I started to caress her pussy. I think she didn’t notice it at first.

She was lying on her stomach, when I got on my knees, grabbed her waist and lifted her pelvis. In so doing, I brought her to her knees, too. That’s when I stuck it in her and began to perform back-and-forth motions.

Jessica more or less came to her senses, but her eyes were still closed. I pulled her blouse and bra off. I fondled her boobies and fucked her pussy. I got to admit, her vagina was fantastic. It was clean-shaven, nice shaped and very tight, which I really enjoyed. Her vagina squeezed my penis so tight and brought me an enormous amount of satisfaction.

A birthday incident

We fucked in this way for about twenty minutes. A lot of booze took its toll on me, so I wasn’t able to cum for a long time. And then, I rolled onto my back and she gave me an amazing blowjob.

The weirdest part was that she constantly called me by some other name. That was her boyfriend’s name. My penis stood at attention like a soldier. I was on my back when she sat on me and started to ride my cock.

And while Jessica was riding me, she was sorry for getting drunk and promised that that wouldn’t happen again and stuff. Apparently, she apologized to her boyfriend and not to me in this way.

I came hard into her. Jessica didn’t open her eyes all that time, so she didn’t see how I came or didn’t want to see that.

She began to lick my dick, eggs and pubis again. And then, she put my penis in her mouth entirely, although it’s quite huge (about 10 inches long) and thick. This gave me such a pleasure that I still can’t forget it.

And after that, Jessica asked me to fuck her ass. In doing so, she said, “Shag your girl’s ass. Take its virginity.”

I’ll never forget those words. She showed me her asshole, and I put my cock in her tiny opening.

A birthday incident

We fucked like that for quite some time, and in the end, I came in her anal. Jessica came many times during our sexy time, so the last orgasm knocked her out, and she fell unconscious, being all naked.

The following morning, the woman woke up and saw me lying on the bed next to her. I acted like nothing happened and had my clothes on. (I got dressed at night, since I went out for a smoke on the balcony, and it was freezing.)

Jessica was shocked. Steven was asleep on the floor wearing only underpants. John got home and slept in the chair dressed only in his underwear. I saw the woman’s facial expression. She was puzzled and confused.

As I understand it, Jessica didn’t expect it from herself. She started to search for her clothes scattered on the floor and couldn’t find her knickers that I had automatically put in my pocket. She never found them.

Jessica put on her pantyhose, skirt, bra that was slightly torn and blouse. She also left a note that says, “I’m off. Meet me at Bay Ridge Avenue at 4 p.m. today. I’ll wait for you. And I liked it.”

I read that note, left it on the coffee table and stepped out for a smoke. And then, John woke up. Apparently, he also read the note, and Steven read it, too. But no one but me knew what exactly she liked.

The three of us came to Bay Ridge Avenue at 4 p.m. in the evening. Jessica stood alone and waited for the only man who had fucked her that whole night.

She was surprised when was first approached by Steven, and then by John. I watched the whole thing from my car window. After that, I came up to her, too. She never found out exactly who had screwed her in a drunken state, but she felt it.

Later, Jessica quit our job, married her boyfriend, and, in the words of the girls from our agency, she is happy with him.

That’s how the birthday was.

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